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Upohar Town Centre & Neighbouring Facility Complex

At Bengal Ambuja, we realise the need to nurture and train the youth so they can raise the level of productivity in our country.

At Upohar, we are attempting to make a significant contribution in this direction by setting up a Upohar Town Centre as one of the core components of the project. We hope that it will benefit the people in and around the vicinity largely.

The purpose of the Upohar Town Centre is to create a pool of skilled labour to meet the community and industry’s growing needs. We are making arrangements such that each discipline will have its own space with all the necessary facilities and amenities, along with good air flow and lighting arrangements. Each course will have a trained Course Instructor and an Assistant and will be allotted a fixed number of students for proper guidance. With this agenda we wish to prepare a formidable workforce of international quality and reduce unemployment to a large extent.

The institute will train students in courses ranging from basic computer operations and hardware to mobile phone repairing and various other disciplines that require skilled training.

The institute will be housed on two levels of over 35,000 sqft with separate housing for men and women. It will have a separate computer room and library, each stocked to accommodate up to 40 persons at a time.

The Upohar Town Centre sits atop the Neighbourhood Facility Complex. The complex will have space for department stores, shops and offices. It will allow the residents of Upohar to shop for provisions within the complex.